ATM Mini Blade Fuses
Specifications: Ampere Ratings: 2 to 30 Amperes Voltage Rating: 32 Volts DC (or less) Housing Material: UL Rated 94VO Thermoplastic Terminal Material: Zinc Alloy Composite with Silver Plating. Interrupting Rating: 1,000 Amperes Marking: Amperage marking is OCR Compliant Agency Approvals: UL recognized (3-30A) Guide JFHR2, File E56412
Part Number:
Price: $0.20 ea. (30 pcs. minimum), 100 pcs. @ $0.16 ea., 1000 pcs. @ $0.13 ea.
In-Line Fuseholders for Mini Fuses
Specifications: Voltage Rating: 2-30Amps depending on style, 32V Features: Body material withstands high temperatures. Protective cover has removable strips.
HHL- 1-20 amp fuses (4" Leads, #16 Wire)
HHM- 1-30 amp fuses (4" Leads, #12 Wire)
Part Number:
Price: $4.00 ea. (30 pcs. minimum), 100 pcs. @ $3.70 ea., 1000 pcs. @ $3.00 ea.
Rear Terminal Mini Fuse/Relay Block
RTMR - 10 Mini Fuses & 5 Micro Relays
Rear Terminal Mini Fuse and Relay panel or the RTMR. It is designed to
provide efficient power distribution in a rugged compact form with
applications in marine, construction, agriculture, heavy trucking, and
specialty vehicle industries. The RTMR with the cover and when installed
with cables using wire, seals and appropriate cavity plugs, offers a weather
tight enclosure for power distribution to various ‘mini’ (2.8mm blade)

Specification: Blade terminals: Accepts ATM Mini® blade-type fuses, circuit
breakers as well as other components such as
relays, diodes, flashers, etc. with 2.8mm mini blade
Power Input / Output: Input: 100 A Max input on bussed fuse side / 80 A
Max Input on bussed relay side
Output: 30 A Max per terminal / connection
Part Number: 15301-2-2-2
Price: $24.00 ea., 20 pcs. @ $18.50 ea.
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Connector Concepts: ATM Fuses and Fuseholders
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